Our Packaging division brings forth a range of adhesives that are suitable and used in fast growing industries like: Bopp Tape, Wooden Fixing, Bindi, Footwear etc. With matchless and flawless quality, our adhesives have gathered a great recognition and demand in a short span of time.
Our adhesives range from -

At Cryl 1119 Premium binder for high speed cigratte side seam adhesive
At Cryl 5200 Speciality adhesive for vansihed cartons
At Cryl BTA 2214 premium adhesive for BOPP tapes
At Cryl LA 361 Lamination adhesive for premium lamination jobs
At Cryl PSD Sticker adhesive with excellent peel strength
At Cryl SM Premium synthetic adhesive for Rubber, Shoe Foam to Foam bonding in upholster
At Cryl 8100 Bindi adhesive
At Cryl FW 2835 Specially for sole fixing in footwear