Our Paints and Construction Division offers a wide range of Paint Emulsions on which various Interior and Exterior paints are made. Our Paint Emulsions can be categorized into 3 main categories- Pure Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic and VAM acrylic. All our Paint emulsions perform phenomenally well and give finest finishes.

Water based Emulsions are also widely used in the construction industry, these days. To cater to the sprouting needs, we at Arham TechnoChem offer range of emulsions for Water Proofing, Cementitious admixture, Rehabilitation, Roof Coating, Tile Adhesive, Industrial Floorings and Sealing compounds.
Our products comprise of -

At Cryl TKH3024 Acrylic Co-polymer for glossy finish
At Cryl TKH5050 50 % Styrene Acrylate superior elements
At Cryl TKH4550 45 % Styrene Acrylate economic binder
At Cryl TKH5090 Styrene Acrylic plastic emulsion for road making and exterior
At Cryl TKH2525 Pure Acrylic for silky and durable premium finishes
At Cryl TKH5040 For high scrub exterior paints with better water resistance
At Cryl Thick 600 Acrylic thickening agent
At Cryl DP 85 Acrylic dispersing agent
At Cryl CB 37 Binder for cement mortars & for superior water proofing
At Cryl CB 36 Economical water proofing for cement mortars and cementitious admixture