Our Textile Division rolls out products that are well embraced by many Textile Giants for various applications both in Woven and Non Woven Categories, such as Finishing, Printing, Flocking and Coating. Our efficient Binders and Finishing Chemicals (used in Pigment Printing on the Textiles) bind pigment for durable print with quality and workability, and impart hard/soft feel to the fabric with fullness and durability.
Our product range is -

At Cryl KTS Eco-friendly superior pigment printing binder
At Cryl VLN Pigment printing binder
At Cryl 440 High viscosity high quality soft binder
At Cryl TK40 Economical thick binder
At Cryl 94 Self thickening cross link Acrylic binder
At Cryl GB-100 Premium gold printing binder
At Cryl PRINT POYTEX Ready Khadi for printing
At Fix ACL Cross linking fixer for printing/flocking
AtCol-EM500 Poly Vinyl Acetate emulsion for textile finish
AtCol-EM450 Poly Vinyl Acetate emulsion for textile finish
ATCol MB Plus Copolymer with plasticizer and PVA emulsion
ATCol 400 Unplastisized PVA emulsion economical
ATCol SH 1000 For tufted carpet back coating and wooden adhesive
At Cryl Finish FB460 Finishing agent for textile
At Cryl Acrytex Finishing agent for textile